Right by the water’s edge, this beach bar offers outstanding views. Head here if you want to enjoy refreshing drinks and cocktails as chill out music takes you on a brilliantly blissful, calm and dreamy summer journey! You can also enjoy a variety of platters.

Our Summer home was a Kalifi on this spot, when our father used to go fishing with the “Great Lady”. We all three brothers waited for him to come back with the catch of the day where mum would grill it over real wood so that we could all enjoy that with freshly cut salad greens and fresh tomatoes and cucumbers grown in our grandparent’s fields around here.

We were all barefeet, sunblesed and forever happy, jumping in the water. Our destiny brought us here again to re-create a simple Kalifi hoping you will find it enjoyable and cheerful and perhaps you will also to create lifetime memories like ours.
You are welcomed to our Kalifi!